04 March 2011

Enemy of All Year One

I take all three children into Buzz' classroom in the mornings.  I have decided to manage them as well as I can in the mornings while I help Buzz get a new home reader and write the title in his folder - I figure this means I have permission not to take the little ones in to school when I pick up Buzz in the afternoons.  (Buzz comes to the car by himself in the afternoons.)

Jessie is quite easily managed while we help Buzz sort out the morning routine, but Woody is another story. He
☻ walks out of the classroom
☻ sits on the big seats outside
☻ wanders back into the classroom
☻ touches some stuff
☻ drinks from three or four kids' water bottles
☻ raids the baskets of markers
☻ tries to draw on the blackboards
☻ touches some more stuff
☻ steals pencils off kids' desks
☻ tries to write on the walls
☻ walks out of the classroom again ... etcetera.

Yesterday while I was busy helping Buzz (whose real name is Nat, you might remember,) transcribe the titles of his new reading books into his folder, I realised I'd half-heard a bit of classroom chatter that was strangely repetitive.

There had been a few comments referring to the same person, and it seems that the person was fast becoming a Nuisance of Grand Proportions.  A Nemesis, an Enemy of All Year One.

The name of the Nuisance was, apparently, "Natsbaby."

And Natsbaby was threatening to destroy the tiny worlds of the Year One students.

"Natsbaby has gone outside!" called one.

"Natsbaby came back in but he's got pens!" yelled another.

"Don't let Natsbaby near the books," warned a third.

One child was climbing up a stepladder, trying to find a safe place to put a hammer and some nails left by a workman.  "What are you doing?" Buzz (Nat) asked his friend.

"I'm just hiding these from Natsbaby," he said, "he's trying to get 'em."

So I guess that's Woody's Nemesis Name.

When he is good, 
he is very very good, 
and when he is not, 
he is "Natsbaby."


Emily Sue said...

You seriously need to photoshop that picture so he's crushing a teeny little city under his feet...

Caitlin said...

I have the same problem during kindy drop offs and pick ups. My biggest issue is that there is no door leading into the kindy toilets. It's like a magnet for The Baby. Nothing like sloshing around in kindy wee, because Lord knows, it's always on the floor in there.

tinsenpup said...

You'd have to be a little bit proud of his bad boy reputation though, wouldn't you?

Crazy Sister said...

Grade Ones are like that!Bonding together to fight against a perceived comman enemy.

But how cool is it to have twenty pairs of watchful eyes on your restless toddler? At least you're not going to lose him, and finally locate him in the car park, sitting on top of your car, waving at traffic.

I've heard that happens sometimes.

Swift Jan said...

Oh I could have written a similar post about Libby!!! She and Woody must be at the same stage!!

veiledturnip said...

So true! I just love a child's inbuilt nature to want to protect themselves (and a baby) from "bad" things! Love it!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Too cute. But that's easy for me to say!

Andi said...

That picture is adorable...And never say such a precious boy could be so ornery!

Jodie said...

Arrrhhh being the mother of "that child" is such an intresting adventure. One more word. ERGO.

CC said...

but he's so darn cute!!