19 October 2010

Phone Messages from my Sister

You have ... two ... new messages.

Message received ... Monday at ... ten ... thirty-seven ... am.

Hi!  It's me!  I've just invented a new MOP!  It's great!  You're related to someone who invented a new mop!  Anyway, have a great day!


To call back, press  2,2.  To replay, press 4.  To delete, press 5.  For help press 8.

Next message.

Message received ... today at ... eleven ... fourteen ... am.

Hi.  It's me.  It's all very depressing.  My new mop isn't all that great.  It sort-of works, but not all that well.  So ... yeah.  Bye.


To call back, press  2,2. To replay, press 4.  To delete, press 5.  For help press 8.

I mention it because it reminded me of this:

Ooh ... an update!


Heather said...

And now I'm going to go about my morning with a smile on my face thanks to you, Crazy Sister and the Muppets. Excellent!

Now that's my kind of act! Thanks!

Sassy Britches said...

I'm jigging around the office. So glad you two are nutters; it helps me justify my own nuttiness.

Punk said...

Anything that reminds you of The Muppet Show is a win in my book. Go ahead and tell your sister I said so.

Hippomanic Jen said...

I have never seen that in my life. They are nuts, Crazy Sister is nuts, and you, my friend, are a tad nutty too. (Maybe that's why we get on so well)

Crazy Sister said...

Wish I had broadband. I'd love to see that again.

Hang on, I have the entire Muppets series on videotape! All I have to do is sit down and watch it all, and I'm sure to find that clip.

Sure beats trying to invent new mops.

B said...

Ha ha ha! Love it! Made my day. How on earth you remembered one single segment of the muppets amazes me. You are a true inspiration. Mwah, B

Andi said...

How sad. I fear Sesame Street just taught an entire generation of preschoolers to misspell rag mop as a ragg mopp...Although, I agree it has a better flow...

I totally need to start posting my sisters' text messages...Except I fear my mother would NOT find humor in me sarcastically saying our brother brought a prostitute to the family camping trip...Especially since I was only sort of kidding.

I guess I better pick and choose what conversation I post.

Andi said...

MUPPETS! Not Sesame Street...Sorry...I got my Kermit appearances discombobulated.

Givinya De Elba said...

That's okay! I wasn't too worried either way! At any rate, if Gen Y did start to commit misspellings of "raggmopp" in their resumés and official documents, it would brighten my day.

Emily Sue said...

As a person who has to edit and correct "résumés and official documents" it wouldn't brighten MY day! It might make me cry, though.

Whiney Momma said...

OMG, Love the muppets! Too funny. I think I remember this song!

Givinya De Elba said...

No no, Emily Sue - think about it - the thing I thought might brighten your day was the fact that someone attempted to work the word RAGGMOPP into a resumé or some official document!

C'mon! That'd make your WEEK!