13 October 2010

Excuse me

I, who cannot burp on command, have produced offspring who are pretty good at it.  Especially that sweet small pink one - even as a newborn, she could belch like a fat man in the pub on a Friday night.  At times, Buzz and Jessie sit on either side of Mr de Elba at the table, and take it in turns to take a swig of lemonade, extend a finger commanding him to "Pull-my-finger" and then burp on cue.  Not terribly charming, but really quite cute.

At our house, we accept the following 'Pardon-mes' following a burp:

  • Excuse me
  • Pardon me
  • Pardon (in a French accent)
  • Pardon a Piglet
  • and I once mentioned to Buzz, "Pardon me, it was so rude, it was not me, it was my food" but he doesn't often say it.

Recently, I asked Jessie what she said after doing a burp.  In reply, she took a swig of milk (milk!  milk?) and this is what happened next:

"Burrp!  Burrp!  Burrp!  Burrp!  Burrp!  Pardon a piglet, Pardon a piglet, Pardon a piglet, Pardon a piglet, Pardon a piglet."

Which I thought showed remarkable auditory memory, counting and one-to-one correspondence.

A few days later, Jessie tried to combine some of the family's accepted "Pardon-Mes" after a particularly loud belch.  It wasn't awfully accurate and I hope she doesn't bring it out at Grandma's house:

"Pardon a Piglet, it was rude, it was not my bottom, it was my mouf."


CraftyMummy said...


Swift Jan said...

Hehehe it was my mouf! Love it!

Crazy Sister said...

Good heavens. That's so funny.

Heather said...

Teehee indeed! Love it! :-D

In my family, "pull my finger" involves gaseous emissions not from one's mouf, but rather a more nether region. Sadly, my darling flower of a daughter has volume and control over her gas that rivals the king of Pull My Fingers, aka my dad. Quelle horror!

Back before she learned the hilarity and wonder of "Pull my finger" she delighted in announcing loudly "WHOA, I JUST TOOTED!" whenever she did. Sometimes with the additional caveat "YOU DIDN'T HEAR IT - IT WAS AN S.B.D." (silent but deadly). I'm just waiting for my husband to teach her He Who Smelt It, Dealt It...........