24 April 2010

Very Patient Trainers

Buzz is having a go at AFL Auskick.

Those are some Very Patient Trainers down there.

Because you see, although Buzz and I have grand ideas of him participating in a sport, learning the rules, enjoying playing the games and practising his skills at home, the reality of the first session was:

"I've lost my ball."
"Which one is my ball?"
"That big kid took my ball!"
"I'm so upset because I don't have a ball."
"No, I won't share Jack's ball, I want my ball."
"I'm not going to practise kicking until I've found my ball."
"I went to pick up a ball over there, but some other kid got to it first."
"Does that ball have a little mark right there because mine did, and if there's a little mark right there, then it's probably my ball."

On the day, our most keen Auskicker was ...

... Jessie.  She's down there in a pale yellow shirt and black pants, lining up with the big kids while the small boy in the blue hat pleads with the Very Patient Trainer regarding the whereabouts of his original ball.

It might be better next week.


Crazy Sister said...

That's funny! We go to swimming lessons, and when the teacher explains what she wants, Harpo spends about a minute saying, "I can EASILY do that! Easily! I can EASILY do that!" and about ten seconds drowning.

I think he keeps trying to talk under water.

Joy said...

I think the girl in the pale yellow shirt could probably keep this group in line. haha.

Really, the coaches in these peewee leagues are amazing and very patient. I'm coaching 5th and 6th grade girls volleyball. They all have their favorite ball they want to hit with. Drives me a little crazy too.

♥ Joy

Swift Jan said...

Because it's vitally important to have your own ball dont you know! HAHA

Go nat! Hope next week is more fun!

Emily Sue said...

After our conversation this afternoon where it was established I know absolutely nothing about sport, I feel under-qualified to comment.

Jen said...

I SO admire parents who are the coaches. I know that I couldn't do it.

John Ross said...

Our son Aaron, 6, was given his 1st soccer ball last Christmas. He loves to kick it around. He always wants to play soccer with other kids in the park...until they get close to him, trying to kick the other direction, too close to his legs...then not so much.(he's borderline Autistic Spectrum, interactions with strangers can be kinda iffy)