17 April 2010

Things I can do - Things I can't do

Apparently, I can sew flat things.  I made another apron today.  Again, it's fully reversible.  the other side has the same fabrics in opposite positions.  And it's pretty neat too, except where the thread tension was unavoidably crazy (I think my machine needs a service).

I didn't actually set out to make Buzz and Jessie aprons.  I set out to make ME one, but my small friends were not too happy shopping for fabric for an apron for MUMMY without shopping for fabric for aprons for THEMSELVES.  In return for making them some aprons, I decided to do theirs first.  I have to get my eye in.

Apparently, I cannot arrange for some simple business cards, letterhead and with compliments slips to be printed for my work.  I started working in an established private practice yesterday (oh it's so good!  What a lovely workplace!!) and the only thing taking the shine off my first day was my inability to get some simple stationery for my first day.  I have designed some pretty nice stuff, but three printers have now been unable to:
  • print in the colour I wanted, despite my clear explanation that I wasn't set on the exact colour - anything near-enough would be good-enough
  • give me a good enough quote
  • accept my PDF which I made using my leet skills in a program I took 6 months to teach myself to use - Photoshop, instead telling me to make the whole design again in Illustrator (there goes the next 6 months), and finally
  • print in the colour I wanted, despite another clear explanation that I wasn't set on the exact colour.

Am I going mad?  Is this too much trouble?  It shouldn't be this difficult should it?  How does the Average Joe off the street ever get stationery made up?  I thought I was half-way clever, but it seems I am not.  Humph.

The thing that made me cry in the car after one visit to a printer was that they didn't even say my design was nice.  That was hard to take.  Perhaps they should have said something nice after lampooning me for not using the right computer program. 

Word to the Wise: if you're working with, married to or parenting someone whose "love language" is words of affirmation, don't forget to say something nice about their design!  Or about their hair or their cooking or their parenting!!  Okay?

I am so frustrated.


Emily Sue said...

I've seen your stationery and I think it's LOVELY. But not girly. You know what I mean.

Also, you can SEW. I would have cut three holes in a pillowcase and forced it over Jessie's head. And been proud of my skillz.

Crazy Sister said...

Grrr to the printers! Stuff them! Use your computer printer, and I'll come over with a guillotine to cut up your cards and compliment slips. Stuff them. Stuff stuff stuff them.

That apron is gorgeous. Did Jessie choose those fabrics? If so, she's got an eye for beauty! And I think it's hilarious that you're using your kids' aprons to 'get your eye in' for yours!

Yours will be spectacular.

Crazy Sister said...

Ditto on the pillowcase.

So you've done your first day back at work? How did it all go?

Swift Jan said...

I bet your design is awesome!

Go to VistaPrint. That's where I did mine. You can upload your own image not a problem and mine was made in photoshop. They are quite cheap too!

Swift Jan said...


Click on the upload your own design... Hope that helps xoxo

Tracy P. said...

Ooo, I hope Swift Jan is on to something there. The aprons are amazing! That was a good trick letting them pick some fabric. When I was little, going to the fabric store with my mom was a fate worse than death. I LOATHED it! I have never taken my kids. Probably why I pretty much don't sew.

sewfunbymonique said...

LOVE the apron! Great job! I hope you get the cars worked out. Technology can be so frustrating! :)

~Taz~ said...

you are amazing! i love the aprons! wow.! can't wait to see your one! :)

Joy said...

I ordered business cards thru Vista Print.
I'm here to affirm and compliment your apron making skills. I love it. I've made a couple but only the ones that go around the waste. I haven't attempted the top part. I just tie mine up high. hehe.
Love your model and the fabrics you chose.
♥ Joy

veiledturnip said...

Love the apron <3 & love the gorgeous girl wearing it <3 what a cutie!!
Have you tried Greenridge Press? Might be more helpful.
All the best. I haven't seen your design but I am sure it is great!

Jodie said...

Careful, now. Don't get too good at sewing or I'll be around in a flash, leeching your skillz ;-)

John Ross said...

Very nice apron, Givinya. Your design is awesome! Ok, that was a guy trying to be properly appreciative of a craft he really doesn't know anything about. But still, very nice apron. Is that like what my Mom used to call a pinafore?