31 August 2009

Revenge of the MILK

When I posted last night, I wasn't quite expecting the flood of understanding and support from you, my readers. Thankyou all so much. I re-read my post this morning and wish to clarify that sweet Anna-Lucia was weepy last night not because I went postal on her (I didn't) but because she finally got her teeth brushed by Daddy. And boy, they need a good brushing. She has a bit of a problem with tartar and not letting her parents get a brush close to her teeth ("I do it myself!")

I also wasn't expecting Mr de Elba to fix my video problem using Cyberlink (thankyou my love!) I will post that bit of gorgeousness tomorrow morning.

And I wasn't expecting Joseph to sleep well overnight! Thankyou dear boy-child. Mummy needed that good sleep last night.

I'm still not completely sure what was making him cranky, but I'm pretty sure it was milk-related. Quantity, not quality. Somehow I find it hard to believe that slight changes in a mother's diet can change her milk from - well, from mother's milk into poison.

Have you heard of this book?

I've never read it, but the title sure is catchy. I'm secretly intrigued.

Well, it's been a bit like that here, although the anatomy involved has been the Milk Production Setup. It's supposed to produce as much as your baby needs - to increase supply if the baby asks for more than he's getting, and to decrease supply if there's lots of unneeded milk left over all the time.

Well, here the milk is on the increase and it seems to flow very quickly. My shirts are getting soaked and I'm stuffing washers (flannels) into my bra, effectively inflating my profile to a giant F or G-cup.

Joseph is pulling off during feeds in an attempt not to choke on the fast-flowing milk, and vomiting copious amounts even after a short feed. There's milk a-plenty, flowing fast and furious. Maybe this is why he's been so squirmy and cranky.

It's Revenge of the Milk. Scary stuff.


Swift Jan said...

I flooded poor Libby this morning, so i can relate to that one!!! I hopeit settles down soon for you both xxoo

Femina said...

I have nothing to contribute to this discussion, except to be in awe of your milk-producing abilities. Can't turn the extra into banana smoothies or something...?? :P

Jen said...

Too much milk, that is an issue.

And I am dying laughing at that book. I too am intrigued.

Crazy Sister said...

OMG I can't imagine that happening. Even with an electric pump on maximum my molehills only ever went drip... drip... drip...

You should definitely be making milkshakes.

Renae said...

I have had the fast-flowing milk problem and a lactation consultant suggested I lay on my back and let baby feed from the top. Wow, where did the colic go! (Wasn't always convenient to lay down to feed the bub mind you.)

Sassy Britches said...

I kinda like reading from the bottom up because instead of stewing about all of your woes, I get to go right to the next day where you're all better! I still pray for you every night, though. :)