30 August 2009

Parenting - ur doin it rong

Do you believe in jinxing things? I do now. Didn't I just say that things were going well in my last blog post?

Until Saturday, I was floating on clouds things were going so well, and I was having such wonderful sleep. Now this pretty much sums up the success of my parenting over the long, lonely weekend:

(That's tears there.)

Poor little Joseph - he's had a few difficult days. Lots of crying, vomiting, grizzling, patchy feeds, and weird things going on in Nappyland. Not much decent sleep, and an inability to sleep at all unless he's lying on me (exhausting) or sucking my finger (a bad idea. He is becoming unhealthily attached.)

And I'd just enjoyed a week of Joseph sleeping most of the night in his own cot. I had been getting some very good sleep, and had been feeling so relaxed and happy that I could wake up, feed Joseph and put him down in his cot, only to wake again a few hours later.

Nat and Anna have been fighting and leaving toys everywhere - just everywhere. When a two-year-old learns to shout the phrase "I'm not lying!" you know that (a) she has an older sibling, and (b) they have not been getting along well.

I have not been playing Mrs Playschool and entertaining them all day (bad mother-of-a-newborn!!), although I did overcome my lifelong hatred of playdough and make a batch for them. Maybe that counts for something?

On the positive side, I cleaned the kitchen on Friday and it looked fantastic! I even mopped the floors, although the amount of dirt underfoot the very next day would indicate I did that 'rong' too. I got McDonalds for dinner on Friday night just so that I didn't have to mess up the spotless kitchen and have to clean it up again. And then I worked out that my McChicken burger meal contributed to more than 50% of my recommended daily intake of fat.

And to add insult to complete parenting failure, I have been trying to give you a TOTALLY GORGEOUS POST for days, and I CANNOT GET IT TO WORK! I have a 3-minute video that I want to crop down to it's cutest 1:30 to show you, and do you think I can do it? Me, who got through school, university, and life (albeit hanging on with my teeth?)

I CAN'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not in Picasa - I get the same problem that all these people get - not in Windows Movie Maker - not even in the big guns - Premiere Pro! I am trying everything to get you this video, but it's not working! I wish I had someone who wanted to help me!

Parenting, Blogging, Life. ur doin it rong.


CynthiaK said...

It's terrible when you feel like nothing is going the way it should, especially when you're still reeling over the recent birth of a third child and are still expecting yourself to be as super as you ever were!

Hopefully it's a new day now (it's tomorrow already there, isn't it?!) and you can take a deep breath and start fresh.

I, too, would feel sunk if I had to look at that sweet little face with the tears, though. Sigh.

As Anne (from Green Gables) would say "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it." Yeah, I'm on an Anne kick right now with the trip just gone past...

Keep smiling, Kate!

Tracy P. said...

Oh, precious face. Wow, making playdough is an achievement I can't claim. Maybe I'll make it for my grandchildren someday. And send it home with them. Hope things get better soon. Looking forward to the video, whenever. :-)

Joy said...

Well heck. Hope baby Joseph gets to feeling better.
Hopefully he'll let go of your finger. That will be hard following him around kindergarten with your finger in his mouth. haha. Like you wanted to hear that.
Sorry I can't help you with your video. But just tell us when to shut it off and we'll do it.
Good for you with the playdough. What a milestone. No picture?
I like making it too. The kind you buy smells funny.


Jen said...

You know sweetie, this is just life. If it was happy and smooth all the time, then it would be no fun and there would be nothing to blog about.

Don't worry, this will get better again soon. :)

Swift Jan said...


Crazy Sister said...

Nuts. And it was all going so well!

It will be well again - you're doing great!

Femina said...

So... you made play dough, which you HATE, and you cleaned the kitchen too? Heck, that's more than I did in the last week... and you also have three (count them - THREE) little lives in your care, all of them demanding to be fed and needing to be washed, clothed and loved. Wow. I think you're doing a fantastic job... but I'm praying it feels a bit easier soon. (A fantastic job is so much more satisfying when it doesn't involve exhaustion and tears, right?)

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

but look at those beautiful three children you made! You are SO doing it RIGHT!

Jodie said...

I'm glad to read from your newest post that things are looking up. But sorry it was such a rough weekend. And you looked so good on Sunday! I'm sure I could never drag myself anywhere on three hours of (non-consecutive) sleep. Not to mention clean the kitchen and make play-dough! As you know from experience, when you have a tiny baby you just have to measure success by what seem like the tiniest achievements...and sometimes that's just getting through the day. So well done to you!

Sassy Britches said...

Femina is so wise. You've done more in the last twenty minutes, I'm sure, than I have in the last two weeks. Someone once said to me, "What's your mediocre is someone else's fantastic." I think we all fall into the "must be perfect" trap pretty often. I, for one, think you're doing fantastic!