19 July 2013

Sixty seven kilobits per second

That there, people, will stop anyone blogging.

Long story short, it's all fixed now (only took three months, yip yah!) and now I can share some more Pieces Of Nothing with you.  Not very efficiently on this incomprehensible Mac, as I'm still emailing photos to myself from my phone then saving them in who-knows-where and uploading them onto my blog, but I CAN and that's the point.

Technology fails me (or the other way around) to the point that I am only using my poxy little phone camera instead of my nice Canon.  It seems that I HAVE nice things, it's just that the nice things don't work for me so I usually go to bed at this time of night instead.

Anyway, here is a lot of Random!

This playground contraption is called a Vomitron.  It is called that because Mr de Elba named it that.  We were horrified to see the old orange Vomitron being dismantled one morning, but delighted to see that afternoon it was replaced with an even-more-appropriately-coloured TECHNICOLOUR Vomitron!  Oh yes!

Some of you are thinking, "Oh how nice, three children baking."  Others are thinking, "She obviously gave up and bought packet mixes for each of them."  I'm just thinking, "Buzz really needed a haircut back then." We're all correct.

Long story short: Woody split his scalp on a heavy iron pole and so we bought him a swimming cap to keep the water off the glue they used to 'suture' it and the associated yuck that was dry and crusty.  He loves his swimming cap, and when I ask whether he will have ears in or ears out, he thinks deeply and decides on "one ear in and one ear out."

Woody fell asleep with his wand just in case he needed to do "Expelliarmus" in his sleep.  Or perhaps his signature spell: "A-woghurt!"  That's a spell he made up, claiming that "it covers you in woghurt."

My dear old Grandma died aged 90 years 1 day.  She was an absolute gem.  I will never feel I had enough time with her, not because 90 years 1 day isn't long enough and not because I didn't spend lots of time at her place in my childhood, but just because her years were very busy, filled with work that she needed to do.  My sister and I played piano at her service.  A few hours before, Jessie threw a few girlie items into a little handbag: three bottles of nail polish, a few brooches, a pink teddy bear, etc ... without checking to see the lids of the nail polishes were on tightly.  When the stench of nail polish became unbearable I went searching and found the contents of the handbag swimming in an ocean of thick, sticky blue nail polish and I frantically tried to scrub everything clean, as Jessie was distraught.  Then I looked at my hands ... blue.  Very blue.  A few hours before playing for my Grandma.  This pictures shows me half-way through the process of scrubbing it off because I couldn't feel things - you know - I had no fingerprints - so playing piano was difficult.  Scrubbing your hands with detergent and steel wool isn't great for them either, it seems.

Playing in the winter afternoons.  Rex is most unhappy when he doesn't get some outside time with his siblings every day.
A long time ago, we chopped Baby Rex's door down with a mattock.  You should try chopping one of your doors down with a mattock sometime.  Put it on your bucket list.  Then after you've done that and replaced the door, painting the new door might be on your bucket list for quite some time, because after all that effort ... meh.  I knew I was never going to get around to painting Rex's new door by myself - there is never a day when it is remotely convenient for me to paint a door - so I asked my Wee Bro if he'd be up for it, and he obliged.  He and his lovely girlfriend took a few days out of their holiday to paint Rex's door!  I am deeply thankful.  I gave them a manly apron and an outrageously girly one, and they decided who would wear which (above.)  Just as I thought they would.
And I have no explanation for this.  See it and photograph it, that's what I do.


Sue Ellen said...

Fantastic update. I've missed you! That last photo is gold. :D

Tracy P. said...

It's moments like the nail polish debaucle that make me quite certain the heavenly population is quite aware of the goings-on of earth. I hope you had a wonderful sense of your grandma's laughter with you. So good to see you!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Lovely to catch up on line. It's all craziness and the de Elba household.

Crazy Sister said...

Oh my, nobody does a blog salad like you do. Each picture and explanation is funnier than the next one.

Well, when you line them up in the right order, obviously.

Givinya De Elba said...

I guess that if the last one is Woody with a mixing bowl on his head, they're in a good order!