20 July 2013

A Clown Car and other things

This is the cutest picture you will see all day, even if you happen to see pictures of kittens and duckies.
It is, of course, a Clown Car.  A car full of clowns.

They collected "kindling" from the forest, but a lot of it isn't good kindling, it's just leaves and green stuff.  Then they made a shelter using what they learned in SOSE at school about how Aboriginal people built shelters and had a great time.

This water table has been great fun!  I usually put warm water in it, and this time I put some detergent and food colouring in as well.  Playtime always ends in children sitting in the table completely soaking, only to be stripped off and put in a warm shower at the end of it all.

Jessie gets in moods when she wants to be so close to me that it's Just. Too. Much.  Pulling ghastly faces doesn't work, in fact nothing seems to make her want to give me a little space.

Kasparov never had to deal with spectators trying to suck on the bishops and eat the pawns.

Rex has a lot of favourite things, but baths and showers rate in the Top 5.

He laughs a lot.

He cries a lot too.  Here he is crying for no reason while Maisie models a hat I made for a tiny little baby boy who is now home with his family after many weeks in hospital, charged with the important task of growing bigger.


Tracy P. said...

Your clowns are adorable!! Do you actually call the present season winter where you are? If so, what you call winter and what we call winter bear little resemblance to one another.

Givinya De Elba said...

I know, Tracy! I was thinking of you as I posted our "Winter" pictures on the blog!!! Playing on the green(ish) grass with short-sleeves indeed! I adore all your snow but I don't envy your temperatures ... throwing a mug of boiling water into the air and creating ... what is it that you make? Snow? Ice? If we did that on even a coldish "winter" day here, the water would come down warm. But true to Aussie spirit, we reserve the right to whinge and moan about the "cold." My cousin in rural NSW posted a pic of a thermometer showing minus 7.5 degrees C ... that is insanely cold to us! (Loving your current MN summer photos though!)

Hippomanic Jen said...

Great to see the pics. Glad the internet connection is fixed.

Crazy Sister said...

Slobber Chess. Gorgeous.

Crazy Sister said...

We've also been learning all things Aboriginal , and have to watch a lot of Yothu Yindi on YouTube. However, if my kids came across that shelter your kids made, they would declare it to be a Bear Grylls signal fire, and try their utmost to find a way to ignite it.

Roslyn Woodhouse said...

I love the way in the "freak-your-mother-out-by-staging-a-horrid-crash" game, Buzz and Jessie look like they've thought a bit about where their limbs should go for maximum freak out effect, and woody looks like he's just layed down for a nap- in the driveway.