22 October 2012

Sound bytes from today

Today was a student-free day, so I had all the children at home with me while Mr de Elba was back at work changing the world.  Now I am just curious about the deep-thinkers on Facebook who put statuses like this up on Friday afternoon - and I may be paraphrasing a little but the essence was:

OMG I'm so super-excited lol, it's a LONG WEEKEND LOL!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to ask them what brand of sedative they use on their children? Where can you buy it?  Would they consider using it on themselves before Facebooking about the next student-free day?  Just asking.

As a free gift to them, I will donate a few moments from today so that they may thoroughly enjoy the richness of my student-free day, along with their own.

Jessie: [says something]
Buzz: [copies Jessie]
Jessie: [says something else]
Buzz: [copies Jessie again]
Jessie: MU-U-UM!  Buzz is copying me!
Woody [from another room]: Buzz is copying me!
Jessie: MU-U-UM!  Woody's copying me!
Woody [wicked giggle]: Woody's copying me!
Me: I'm going into the woods to hide.
Me, driving: Now Rex, don't cry when I drive over the bumps...
Jessie and Woody in unison: Bums!
Me, to Rex: Sometimes cars just have to go over bumps.
Jessie and Woody: Bums! 
Me: I said "bumps."
Jessie and Woody: Bums!
Me: You guys are from a different planet. 

You're welcome.


Crazy Sister said...

Do your kids have laughter fits like Terrence and Philip from South Park?

Mine do that a lot, especially in the car, when they're finding the softest part of the dog.

Givinya De Elba said...

I had to look them up on youtube, but I'm still not sure of the answer. My kids do go paralytic with laughter, although it's not always at appropriate things. Last night Rex was lying on his back in the bath and Jessie was sitting up with him. We were both talking to him when he pushed down with his leg, lifted his whole tiny bottom up out of the water and ripped the air apart with the loudest explosion I've ever heard from such a small human. Jessie laughed so hard I thought she was going to pass out. Her entire body turned deep red (not just her face) and she was paralytic with laughter for many minutes. I was wondering who I'd attend to if she forgot to breathe and passed out.

gartcott aka Penny Hannah said...

Facebook drives me crazy sometimes with the asinine things people post, along with their abominable spelling, grammar and abbreviations. I fact I actually 'unfriended' someone last night because I could no longer bear it.

Your offspring are apparently in the throes of exploring ways of driving each other mad and the richness of the English language.

singlemumof1 said...

I remember my brothers and sisters and I driving our parents crazy with similar antics to your little ones, and now we're getting our comeuppance as our kids learn how to get in our hair and do the same thing to us. It is a lot easier to laugh at your kids though as it's not me they're sending crazy.

Andi said...

Nothing is as funny as a good toot.

My kids would say "fart."

But my mom doesn't let me say that word.

Janet said...

lol, thank God I am not the only mother who hates student free days.... my children go MENTAL!!! Thanks for the laugh!

Wendy said...

I'm with you and Janet both. Student free days, dislike! And all those people who get so sad at the end of school holidays: I don't understand.