14 November 2011

The Inspiration Train to Platform Three has been delayed

I've been thinking recently that I have quite possibly ceased to be A Blogger. I've comfortably slipped into being A Lot Of Other Things instead, e.g., I've become more of a Mum, Mum-who-works, Mum-who-does-the-house, swimmer, poet, Sunday School teacher, babysitter, etc, etc, and also the unthinkable: A Person Who Goes To Bed Early.

I don't know about you, but I can't be both A Person Who goes To Bed Early and a Blogger.

But not only that, I used to think, "Wow, I could blog that" all the time where now I think, "I'm pretty sure I won't be able to summon the Care Factor necessary to blog that ..." and I don't.

Pathetic, hey?

Honestly, I blame Scrabble.  The Scrabble App on the iPad lures me the way that my blog used to lure me.  The main difference is when I get so tired that my eyeballs feel like they are about to fall out and roll away, I now switch off my iPad and go to sleep.  Back when I was a Blogger, that feeling would hit while I was in the study.  I'd think, "I'm probably too tired to walk to bed now.  If I stay here for ten more minutes, maybe the tiredness will go away."

And lo, a blog was born.  (Because the world needed more directionless blogs.)

So if you wonder where I am - I'm still alive.  I'm probably just wondering if I can get a Q word to start on a Double Letter tile and extend onto the Triple Word tile.

Or if I can get ZA and ZO horizontally and vertically simultaneously, with the common Z on a Triple Word tile.


But here are my kids, yay:


Emily Sue said...

I'm with you. I've become a Person Who Gets Up Early. And the only way to do that is to be a Person Who Goes To Bed Early. Being asleep by 9pm is not conducive to blogging. Neither is my boring life, frankly.

tinsenpup said...

I've recently become a person who goes to bed late, wakes at 4am to breast feed a ravenous toddler, goes back to sleep (hopefully) then gets up early. This is not really working for me. Perhaps Scrabble would help? I suspect not. :/

Tracy P. said...

YAY for you and for the kids! (Didn't you use to have a baby? Where has he gone?? )

But I miss you here. Maybe I need an ipad with Scrabble. I love ZA and ZO. :-)

Swift Jan said...

We are alike in our lack of blogging... I like to think of it as there are seasons for things. I dont have time nowdays to actually think of something to blog, or remember something funny to blog about! Ah well, our blogs are here when we want them!

Your children are lovely by the way xo

Catherine said...

I don't have an ipad or apps but I hear you anyway, sister. It's called 'blangst' - blog angst - because stupid blogs make unspoken demands on one, and begin to control the way your mind thinks. I'm thinking of quittin' soon. There are better things.

But it will be like giving up an addiction, I think, and a hobby, and an outlet - lots of things.

Beautiful kids.

Hippomanic Jen said...

I'm a bit in the same boat. No inspiration. Just hand us the funny stuff when you feel like it. Because you can be funny.

Dawn said...

Wow! It's so interesting to read these comments because I've been feeling the same (without the nursing toddler, thank heavens, or the ipad, but anyway) There's a million blogs and why should I bother. I guess because we all have something to say, and not necessarily ears that want to hear it (just stealing from my sister's blog. And yeah, blog when you feel like it, cause you're funny!

Crazy Sister said...

You have a teenager and young twins, by the looks of it!

Andi said...

I feel as if the entire world has slipped out of the need for blogging...But I think that's because some of my favorite bloggers hardly blog anymore. But that's okay. When you guys do blog it pops up in my reader and I'm happy to have a word!

Question unrelated to post: Do all schools in Australia wear uniforms or does your son go to a private school?

Hairline Fracture said...

Funny that I wrote the same thing before I read this! But it is always nice to hear from someone you "met" through their blog. So go easy on yourself and so will I!

Tiny Table said...

Yeah, me too, you may have noticed...

I stopped blogging pretty much the day I became obsessed with pinterest. (Are you on there? We should hook up.)