01 October 2011

Payoff - Five Haiku

Payoff – Five Haiku

Young boy thumb-sucking
Tonsillitis, runny nose,
Scratching itchy eyes.
Conjunctivitis. Then more
Antibiotics. Then more
Bout of oral thrush.
Bout of oral thrush. Then more
Bouts of oral thrush.
No more thumb-sucking!
I thought he’d never stop that!
Thankyou, oral thrush.


Heather said...

Ah yes, oral thrush. My kid had it for the first time by the age of three months, thanks to her predilection for licking EVERYTHING she could get her mouth upon. The anti-fungal medicine that was required was some nasty, nasty stuff, too.


Andi said...

The up side to thumb sucking? They are the most content babies! The down side? Trying to make them stop!

Cath said...

What a COOL outcome!!!

Our lad who was a two-finger sucker, broke his arm when he was 3. Same outcome, he couldn't suck his fingers any more.

I think we may need to break our baby's arm when the time comes.
Or maybe have him contract oral thrush somehow?

tinsenpup said...

Thank goodness for a silver lining, at any rate!

Crazy Sister said...


Dawn said...

Bet you never thought you'd be glad for an illness!

Selena said...

So my only options to stop my DD from finger-sucking is oral thrush or broken arm? Hmmm....which do I choose?!