09 June 2011

No Lollies Please, We're Sick

Late last month, I told you about the disaster that occurred when a well-meaning pharmacy assistant offered Jessie and Woody some lollipops.  Your responses empowered me.

Today it was a different illness, a different medication, a different pharmacy, even a different variety of highly-coloured confectionary, but exactly the same situation.  Two garishly purple jelly beans were offered as Woody struggled to get out of my arms and remove all the stock from the ankle-height (!) shelves in the pharmacy while barking a horribly croupy cough that made him sound a little like a demented seal.

This time, thanks to my wonderful readers, I WAS READY!

"Oh, no thanks!" I politely asserted, "they're sick and they really shouldn't be having ..." etc.

The pharmacy assistant looked shocked and chastened.  She did the only thing that she could think of in the heat of the moment - she popped the jelly beans into her own mouth (yurk.)

Victory was mine!  For ten seconds.  Then.

"I'm not sick!!" hissed a scandalised voice in my ear.  "She should give one to me, and not one to Woody because he's sick!"

Complaints in a similar vein assailed me as I paid and hauled everyone back to the car.  Jessie's pleas were falling on deaf ears so she pulled out all the stops, most likely learned from some animated kids movie: "I'm warning you!"

"That's fine, warn me all you like," I countered.  "But I am now on a mission to teach pharmacy ladies that it's probably a bad idea to bribe strangers' children with sugar and then act like they're huge heroes for making them happy.  [Grumble-grumble] ... darn sugar peddlars ... [grumble grumble.]"

As you can see, I have read your wonderful comments and assimilated them into my being.

But, sugary lollies being the short-term emptiness they are, the complaints were quickly forgotten and the huge fuss died down to nothing.  However, since then, the phrase "I'm warning you!" has been pulled out a few more times and I think I might now have to do something about that.


Tracy P. said...

LOVE it! I was at the pharmacy at our clinic recently, and could not believe the TONS of candy on display at toddler level all across the long counter. Amazing irony. Great victory, finding yourself prepared!

I'm warning you, Jessie, your mom will also be prepared for YOU next time! ;-)

Andi said...

We used vinegar for back talk...It works amazingly well. I recently had a friend tell me she uses straight cocoa. Neither is actually toxic, but the taste is such that you will think twice before using such language/tone etc.

I am now off to read the pharmacy lollie post as I do not remember it.

Crazy Sister said...

Darn helpful pharmacy ladies.

Caitlin said...

See now I'm the liberal mother who nods approval to allow my children to accept lollies from strangers. Mind you, a lot of the time I tell the kids we'll put it in my handbag to eat later, and then forget about them until they start liquifying in said handbag making everything sticky.

Oh thanks for visiting my blog again. So happy you like it! Compliments from an such a good and experienced blogger as yourself means a lot to me!

Oh, and also totally am frustrated by google losing comments. Grrr. I've had this happen so many times lately.

tinsenpup said...

Oh way to fight the good fight! Well done! What's with the pharmacy employees where you live. You'd think their job would expose them to the odd tid bit of health information, wouldn't you?

NaomiG said...

Good Momma, holding firm on what you originally said.

I almost always give into situations like this, but it occurs to me now that maybe I shouldn't... hmmm...