17 June 2011

Socks talking nonsense

Jessie recently acquired five new pairs of socks.  After her shower one night, I laid them all out and asked her which pair she would wear to bed with her purple pants.  My SpideySense told me that she was just about to refuse the warm purple pants and demand something less suitable, so I used my SuperMumSense and put the kibosh on that immediately by pointing out the benefit of the socks with reference to the pants.

"This pair is purple, so that will match your purple pants, this pair is white with pink and purple so that will match your purple pants and your white skivvy and your -er- pink undies, and this pair is pink but they do have hippos on them and hippos like purple so they'd be good, and this pair is also pink but there's the word "FUNKY" and a picture of a monkey so I guess that funky monkey has something to do with purple ..."  As I trailed off, wondering how I was going to sell the black and white stripes with reference to the purple pants, I realised that I'd given her too many options.

"I'll have these on my feet and these on my hands," she said.

And do you know, I let her, only because it appeared that she had taken it for granted that she was wearing the warm purple pants.  So I guess I won, in a way.  I let her put the purple socks on her hands and the white/pink/purple ones on her feet.

As I packed the other pairs of socks away, I noticed that Jessie now had four sock puppets engaged in a discussion that, on the face of it, made no sense.

Right hand, to left hand: "What? And give Rudy a midnight snack?  Not likely."
Left hand, to left foot: "The skull's right.  We can camp here for the night.  Now, who's hungry?"
Left foot: "I am!"
Left hand: "You don't need the calories!"

And it continued to make no sense until she told me that it was from Ice Age 3.  And so it is, a quote down the bottom of the page here.


B said...

Tee hee - she is so cute!

I love kids who do movie quotes!

Andi said...

Kids brains are just amazing. Love your SuperMom skills!

Caitlin said...

Cherish the moments, one day you'll miss putting her to bed with odd socks on her hands and feet talking to one another, because no matter how many suggestions you offer, none will be cool...

Hairline Fracture said...

We have had some talking socks around here too!

Crazy Sister said...

I LOVE that scene in that movie! Simon Pegg is very talented.

And so is Jessie!

Tracy P. said...

Yay for the purple pants! I've had more than a few garments spurned by the fickle girl at my house. If I had only known the socks were the trick! Too cute! :-)

Swift Jan said...

LOL Ahh thats fantastic!!

tinsenpup said...

The smallest member of our household is rather enamored of wearing socks on her hands. She also likes to wear five or six t-shirts at once. That way she can more efficiently create washing as she spills various substances over herself that soak through all of the layers.