20 January 2011

It shouldn't happen

A week of weird things that shouldn't happen.

First: The Devastating

Entire towns shouldn't be washed away.  People shouldn't be left homeless, and families shouldn't be torn apart.

Mothers shouldn't have to wake up and remember with a shock that they are childless, widowed and homeless.  Teenagers shouldn't have to live indefinitely with relatives, having been recently orphaned.

People shouldn't have to live in evacuation centres with nothing but the clothes they wear.  They especially shouldn't have to do it as a single parent with five children, the youngest one week old.

People shouldn't have to start again from scratch, with no help from insurance companies who quibble about whether it was"flooding," "flash flooding" or "storm water damage."  Farmers shouldn't have to endure million-dollar losses after the recent years of crippling drought.

And a lot more things that shouldn't happen.

Next: The Ordinary

My dear garden probably shouldn't have had this much water tear through it.

Air conditioning units probably shouldn't have this much water inside them.

Woody probably shouldn't keep going to my pantry and getting jars and tins out one by one to put on the kitchen table saying, "Dere! (clap clap clap!)"

Jessie probably shouldn't sleep in this position:

Jessie probably shouldn't put her shirt half-off before falling asleep either.

Journalists probably shouldn't make errors like spelling "choir" as "quire":

But that's all nothing compared to my first list.


~Taz~ said...

it's insane hey... I can't believe the amount of water that was everywhere.. just insane...

speaking of spelling errors.. on the news when the flooding was happening, the headline read
"Cabulcha and Strathpine evacuated."
Took us a minute to figure out that they meant Caboolture.. :)

Givinya De Elba said...

I SAW it say Cabulcha! That was on the TV wasn't it? That was LOLworthy. Ha ha Taz!

Emily Sue said...

I probably shouldn't have got so excited to see the words "Paul Coleman Trio". Then I saw it said "members from". Ah. I thought for a minute I had a scoop about them getting back together.

There are a lot of Melbourne artists in that lineup.

And devastation should never happen. Ever. Not what God intended when he made the world and it was perfect.

Emily Sue said...

Paul COLMAN Trio. I always spell that wrong.

flask said...

still reading.

still thinking of you.

still saying a prayer now and then.

don't have much else to say.

Tracy P. said...

Terribly sad. Praying for God's intervention in all those shattered lives. Miracles.

It seems CRAZY that Woody could already be carrying heavy jars around! And sorting and classifying them. He is one and already serving dinner--how awesome! I wish I were raising a chef prodigy. And I adore children who fall asleep in the middle of something. A sign that they are unlikely to ever be bored.

Heather said...

Still thinking of you all and holding you in prayer.

The only types of errors that make me more frustrated than ones committed by journalists are ones committed by educators. Grammatical errors in a document produced by a school entity make me want to scream! (Unless it is produced by one of the grade school students, and even then, only if we're talking the lower grades...)

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

What you all have gone through down there is just... unimaginable.

And spelling... yeah... I've taken to a personal crusade to point out the errors on our old local paper's website. Dorks.