03 August 2010

Messy Fun

There are days when I feel that I have the strength to organise a paint/glue/sand/water activity for the children.  But wisdom reminds me NOT to get it happening unless I judge I have to strength to clean up afterwards as well.

Recently, I decided I had the fortitude to get this activity going and to clean up at the end.  We road-tested Woody's new birthday sand and water play table, and it was good clean (but not dry) fun.  I filled both sides of the table with warm water and I made one side bubbly as well. 

I hasten to add that it's the middle of winter here.

It's best if you set up an activity like this with the full expectation that each item of clothing will go straight in the wash when finished, and that both children will go straight from the yard to the shower.  Possibly naked.

That way, you can allow them to enjoy the experience without getting on their case every thirty seconds, nagging them to keep clean or dry.

For you know there will be laughing.

There certainly will be wet sleeves.

There will most probably be standing-up in the water.

And it will be quickly followed by lying down in the water.

Best just to get clothes in the wash and kids in the shower.  Don't ruin it with nagging.


Emily Sue said...

My friend's kids have a water table that they ADORE and use every day. She now just dresses them in snowsuits... keeps 'em warm (Melbourne winter) and saves on washing.

Mamma has spoken said...

That would be fun here since there are heat emergencies every day this week.....

Heather said...

Love the laughing picture!

That is the attitude I always took about sandbox playing in our yard. Not to worry about the sand getting everywhere, but just to know in my mind that she'd be going straight from the sandbox to the bathtub. (Well, after a thorough shaking out and/or stripping, so the rest of the sandbox didn't join her in the tub.)

Look at how BIG Woody is getting! My goodness!!

Jen said...

Good times. :)

Swift Jan said...

Lovely!! YOu are very good at making happy memories with your children.

Joy said...

Love their giggling faces in the water splashing picture. Good for you for letting them have such a good time.
I can't believe how big he's getting.
Thank you for your sweet comment on Libby. I'm missing her terribly and trying to adjust to life without her.
♥ Joy

BGSydneyside said...

Wow- what a lovely thing to let them do. They look so happy :)
Great job letting them get messy!

veiledturnip said...

And did you keep having to say that to yourself over and over?? I know I would! But I can't believe you had Jessie dressed in such lovely clothes! Makes for a nice picture & it IS only water I suppose! Oh, I hope I can do this one day!

The Accidental Housewife said...

My little porkchop has a new obsession - she likes to dunk her tummy in the dogs water bowl. I have no idea why, but it does make for a lot of washing. It's just water, it's an easy clean! Maybe she needs a water table for good, cleaner fun...

Tracy P. said...

"Don't ruin it with nagging." Amen! What a lot of fun you captured!