20 January 2008

I Must Have Broken A Mirror Ball

I don't believe in karma or bad luck. But if I did, I would be wondering what offense I might have committed. The last three days have been filled with frustration after difficulty after annoyance, and the smile on the face I keep in the jar by the door is wearing thin.

It all started in the morning with the dead bird. I was sitting in the living room when I heard a very loud SCHMACK! on the kitchen window. It was so loud that I immediately assumed that it was a tennis ball thrown with force by Chubbity Bubbitty or his Dad who were in the back yard. But when I looked up I saw a puff of feathers and realised it must have been a bird doing crash-tests on our windows. It was. The poor thing was hurt quite badly and took five minutes to die. I was glad it didn't linger but the sudden violent death of a small creature on your property early in the morning seems to colour your day, somehow.