04 January 2014

Life Hacks?

I've read a few posts around the internet recently that list a number of "life hacks" - great ideas that perhaps we hadn't thought of and that would make life a lot easier.

Some of them are great, and I would certainly consider doing them myself.  Here are six that I thought were good:

Especially awesome if thieves don't rattle your lotion bottles.
And really - why would they?

That last bit doesn't fool me.  But yes, good idea.

I'd do this if I ever started eating bagels.

And, presumably, actually unsubscribe from each sender.
But I liked the filtering term.  Clever.

Cat, baby, same thing ...

Already tried this one.
Too much water and it's like a rock that won't melt.
Not enough and it's not actually cold.
Which is a minimum standard in an ice pack, I find.

Some of these lists contain things I already do, like these:
Basic geometry of bread coverage

Have been doing this for years.

Usually when I put my bag on the floor at a restaurant.

I'm sure there's a law against this.
There's a law against everything.
But I do it.
Some life hacks are things that I believe I'm doing a little better already, maybe you disagree:
A rolled-up towel is softer, but whaddoIknow?

5c, 10c and 20c coins work pretty well, but whaddoIknow?
And if you ruin your iPad charger plug, that'll cost you a lot more
than ruining a 5 cent coin!
"Tired of ruining hanger after hanger in the pursuit of an easy
chip-packet-closing idea?  Try a clothes peg instead!!"
That's like a life hack ... for this life hack!

And then there are the life hacks that make you look at the computer screen with your head on one side and say, "Whyyyy???  Whyy would you even do that?"

Sorry - maybe you have done these.  Maybe you think they're great.  Maybe you submitted them to Buzzfeed in the first place?  Clearly, I'm still learning how the world works.

Here are some examples that have exploded my mind:

Wait - what?  It could prevent you from "loosing" (sic) a lot more than that!
Consciousness, dignity, you name it!  Drink spiking does happen, so
we're often warned never to leave our drinks unattended at all!
(Only I do, because I don't go to bars, and my kids don't tend to
spike my drinks much.  The worst that happens is my coffee gets cold.)

I thought this was crazy.  But I'll try to remember it for the next time
I have a "hard-to-reach candle."  Then I'll be bustin' out the spaghetti.

Look at this poor guy.  He knows you don't trust him.
It's a fact that 70% of the things you lend will not come back to you.
But by doing this, you're likely to lose 90% of your friends too.


Except the one problem that you get
when your shoe and cup fall over together.

Not sure about your hanging space, but it's the real estate below the hanger hook
that's in high demand.  The hooks aren't exactly squeezing each other out.
It's the bulk of my 7 winter coats that's the problem.

CAN'T find kindling - CAN find Doritos.
This is a problem?  Okay then.  Consider me educated.

This one said to use empty TicTac containers to take spices when camping.
The same collection of life hacks also suggested eating Starburst lollies roasted
over the fire, and something called "canned cinnabuns."
And yet we're creating cuisine involving cardamom and garam masala while camping?

So this was funny.  I thought that this life hack ...

... would suggest that this one was pretty much Not To Be Done.

But again, whaddoIknow?  What do you think?  Clever life hacks?  Or the silly product of a brainstorming session gone wrong?  Too many pictures on one blog post?  Is staying up past midnight to write blog posts (given that I will be up again at 6:00am) just a little bit pointless?  I'd love to hear your opinions.


Tracy P. said...

Some people have a knack for making things more complicated than they need to be. I would burn Doritos though. Orange cheese dust is from the devil and deserves to burn.

Givinya De Elba said...

That is a very good point!

Charlie said...

They are burning the Doritos on a cardboard box, surrounded by dry grass. What, no kindling there?

Hippomanic Jen said...

Sue Ellen - my guru of logical thinking.

Thanks for the post - next time I'm camping I just KNOW I will regret not eating tic tags.