07 December 2012

Show and (really!) Tell

Jessie:  Taylah's* mum lost her license but she's still driving.
 .....- shocked silence -.....
Me: How on earth do you know that?
Jessie, nonchalantly:  Taylah did it for Show & Tell.  

* Name changed to protect the ... guilty, apparently.

It could be unwise to give five- and six-year-olds too much of a soapbox.

Jessie came home one day with some great ideas for her Christmas List.  She'd seen Buzz' list which included all sorts of spy gadgets, Harry Potter magic sets and, interestingly, and owl.  But she wasn't inspired to compile her own Christmas list until she realised that Show & Tell - JOLLY Show & Tell - was a great opportunity to see what the Haves had, and what she did not.

This poor little Have-Not decided that she would ask for a Lalaloopsy doll.

A What?

A Lalaloopsy Doll!  

Lah - lah - loop - see.



I thought, "Okay, I guess I can at least research it," and Mister Google supplied me with some really frightening images:

Do those dark black eyes stare into your soul the way they seem to stare into mine?  I half expect to pull and string and hear, "I see dead people."  Anyway, my Google search got crazy with images like this:
...which, um, No.  But I saw how she really wanted a Lalaloopsy doll and did some more research.  I've decided on two little mini ones who can camp together in a tiny tent, because their eyes seem to appear slightly less-evil by virtue of being smaller.  I hope that suits her.

But what about you?  Has Show & Tell ever proved to be the best viral marketing for you or a child you know?  Or worse, do you have a story about something being disclosed during Show and Tell?  Spill.


Tracy P. said...

You had me at "camp together in a tiny tent"! How cute is that! Think of the adventures they could have.

Funny, after all my years of teaching, I don't remember any show and tell stories. Although I called it "Expert Day". I didn't want anyone grabbing any old thing at the last minute and holding it up to tell us the name of it. They needed to have a few facts, or forget it.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Show and Tell, or prayer time in a Christian School - both seem to be full of traps. I know of one tiny girl who wanted to pray for the "secret baby in mummy's tummy". Way to tell the world!

gartcott aka Penny Hannah said...

When did dolls become so ugly?

Dawn Castor said...

I no longer have little girls but I really like lalaloopsy dolls. I think they look kind of crafty and homemade and cute. And the tiny ones! And the boy pirate! And the dress up clothes with the huge Rickrack!! But I am a hs school librarian where kids are kind of obsessed with zombies and perhaps my viewpoint is skewed.

Mamma has spoken said...

I had a student tell me she wanted a monster doll and I had no idea what it was. I googled it, and that's one nasty doll....

Sue Ellen said...

At least they're not oversexualised, barely dressed dolls with breast implants (ie, Bratz, Monster High, Barbie). They're weird looking and overly girly, and I'd be willing to bet there's no such thing as 'Scientist Lalaloopsy', but they're age-appropriate, at least.

Givinya De Elba said...

You have a point Dawn! I think they and their deep black eyes are growing on me. Slightly. Well, she will have to, she and her little itty bitty tent and camping stuff!

B said...

I think that they are kind of sweet. I nearly bought one at Target today - but - I promptly turned around and bought Miss Z 10 'Littlest Pet Shop' toys, I cannot face another THING... Zhu Zhus, Zoobles, Lego, Barbies, there are too many THINGS to keep track of! Let's just collect something that gets to a size that is worth selling on ebay in 20 year's time!

Crazy Sister said...

Peanut wants a Sky High Fairy. It's a helicopter Tinkerbell.

I remember the Show and Tell I did the morning after we returned from Expo 88 at Brisbane. Funny you should say 'spill', because it went like this:

"For Show and Tell um... last night I went to Expo... and... ugh... ugmmm... BARFFFFFFFFFF!"

Givinya De Elba said...


You didn't!

You did??

You were in Gr1 in 88? Wow you poor little thing!