13 November 2012

A bit like an Elvis Sighting

Guess what?!?!? 
Some people think they've seen Elvis.  It's called an "Elvis Sighting."
Well we think - think - we've had a Greeny Sighting.
This could be Greeny. 
He looks different to how he looked before, so we're not sure.
But he's a different kind of moth to the regular inside moths.  
So we think it's Greeny.  We're going with that.
He was in our homework corner so we put him in a container and released him.
He was too quick for Mum to photograph and anyway, Rex was in her arms and she can't do anything when he's in her arms. 
So this is a recreation of how "The Release Of Probably Greeny" went:
A fake depiction of the release of a moth that may or may not have been Greeny.  Lame?  Possibly.
We can all sleep well now.

Greeny Part 1: "Greeny"
Greeny Part 2: "Goodbye my larva, 'tis time to pupate"
Greeny Part 3: "In Which Procrastination Finds Me Out"


gartcott aka Penny Hannah said...

Entertaining post, but probably needing crutches. The photography was particularly cheer-worthy..... Lovely ones of the kids.

Tracy P. said...

The likeness was unmistakable. Has to be Greeny. And I must say that the bokeh known here as Bullseye is a very amusing part of the background story. He looks like he is also hunting for Greeny. :-)

Andi said...

I loved the reenactment! You are so clever.

Hippomanic Jen said...

And thankfully no birds in the sky...

Crazy Sister said...

On his way to Sue Ellen's house!

Bon voyage, Probably Greeny!

How I love those disappearing arrows. You have a gift for re-enactment.