21 September 2012

A better swim

I had a ripper of a swim this week! The big outside 50m pool was finally open so I got to swim in the sunshine, watching my shadow zoom along the black line and I didn't get [as] confused counting laps. Well, I lost count to the tune of two laps during my second set, so I either swam 1.6 or 1.7km.

But the best thing about yesterday's swim was I had my new little Interval underwater iPod player ...

Ideally, I was going to have Jessie modelling my Interval, but it was a whole lot easier to show you the swimming model lady instead.

I was wondering if the earpieces would fit properly because I've never had luck with earplugs, but they stayed in with the help of a swimming cap.  The sound quality, once I got used to the sound of the water and bubbles streaming over the earplugs, was pretty good.

I used to enjoy swimming in silence, just alone with my thoughts, but recently that's been a little boring so I loved rocking out to my playlist this time! I picked some favourite songs from the genre that Woody and I call "Pump-Me-Up Music" ...


Newsboys - (have only picked those I haven't done to death already)


Mary Mary

Tim Hughes

Unknown artist with totally rockin' version of:
  • Go tell it on the mountain


And a few favourites from Roxette, but my old CD is scratched so I'll buy them on iTunes.

My biggest challenge is finding time to get to the pool.  Starting with the period of time immediately following Mum's text saying he was asleep right at the end of my previous blog post, Little Rex has had some slight trouble Being Happy.  But after a week of Crazy, it seems he is turning a corner.

Okay, enough of swimming.  Next posts will be back to detailing the usual chaos.


robyn said...

Awesome! I too am a swimmer :) I love the idea of those earplugs! I like to clear my head while swimming, but it does get a little but boring sometimes.

Tracy P. said...

Wow! I was a swimmer in my youth, and I can't even imagine how wonderful it would have been to swim to good music! I love your play list.

I am completely impressed with your swimming! It would take me a LOOONNGGG time to work my way back up to what you're doing. Good for you!!