02 July 2012

You can't fool me!

I received a booklet at my 36 week appointment at the hospital a fortnight ago, and it was the very same one I received three years ago containing this picture, about which I sarcastically blogged a short time later.

I laughingly tried to explain to the midwife all the objections you lovely commenters and I had to the picture back then.  However she wasn't expecting objections, and thought I was fully approving of it.  I had to use phrases like "structurally engineered bra" and "face washers for absorbancy" and "leakage to the knees" before she realised I had birthed enough children not to be taken in by the charade any longer.

And now I have another copy of the book.  Anyone want a free copy? No?


gartcott said...

What in the name of all that is wonderful, is THAT all about? My first reaction on seeing it, was that is was for the bride and then I read your older post and realised it was for the bridesmaid..... Even so, it's still the oddest pro-breastfeeding picture I've ever seen!

Sue Ellen said...

Well, I don't have kids but I have seen plenty of women breastfeeding. And it has never looked like that. I can understand that they might want to go for a 'happy' photo, possibly slightly idealised, but this is waaaay out there in terms of realism (or lack of it). Why not show a woman feeding at home, wearing normal clothes? Or out shopping, or in the park, or SOMEWHERE that women go regularly? Because I would hazard a guess that the majority don't happen to time their babies around their bridesmaid duties.

Givinya De Elba said...

I'd like to see some realism in terms of a huge ugly bra, breast pads, milk stains on everything, a discarded nipple shield (don't ask) ... Sorry. Projecting. Sorry Australian Breastfeeding Association, it's NOTHING like that for anyone else, I know I'm the only one in the world, sorry - sorry - ignore me.

Crazy Sister said...

I'd love for it to be the bride's baby, and her bridesmaid is just being helpful.