20 May 2012

Full House

I'm getting really excited to meet our new little one! Each week seems to bring us frighteningly close to meeting Number 4.  Here is a picture of little Buzz in 2005:

I have enjoyed this stage of life tremendously!  Creating new little people, adding new little souls to our home!  Here is little Jessie in 2007:
Yes we have some strong-willed little people who are incredibly resistant to direction, but who doesn't like a challenge?  Here is little Woody in 2009:
And I know - obviously, I know - that 4 is a considerable number, a number that many families baulk at. But for us, it has seemed to be OUR number.  I could never say after Buzz or Jessie or Woody that we were 'finished' - on the contrary, we always felt quite unfinished.

And here we are, 9 weeks away from the due date of Number 4 (so, 6 or 7 weeks away from the actual appearance of Number 4, if the past is anything to go by,) and although these days things are quite difficult managing the older children while I am slowly falling apart physically, myself, I am really looking forward to meeting this new little one. I get the feeling that when Number 4 comes, I will have the feeling that we will have our Full House.  What a blessing, thankyou God!

Here's an annoying little FAQ.

Q: Do you have a name for this baby?
A:  Yes.  No.  I don't know.  I think so.  Possibly.

Q: Will your home fit 4 children?
A: Our home fits 4 children very well.  It does not, however, fit their egos in as well.   Buckingham Palace couldn't fit their egos in comfortably.  If the egos spill out the windows onto the lawn, that's fine by me.

Q: Will your car fit 4 children?
A: Our existing car legally fits 3 children, but in practical terms, it doesn't fit them very well physically (there are fights over arm rests and lots of physical aggression as a result) and in no way is it remotely adequate to fit their egos in as well.  We have been looking looking at 7-seaters since the birth of Woody.  And we still are.

Q: Is everything going well?
A: Yes.  And I feel outrageously blessed.  This pregnancy is turning out as low-risk as I could have hoped for, and so there's no reason why I can't have a natural birth this time.

Q: Are you excited about that?
A: I was.  Then I remembered my two natural births, and I started wondering if there were any other options for birthing a child.  Perhaps Mr de Elba could do it this time, for a change.

Q: Why have you stopped blogging?
A: Combination of factors.  I've got nothing to say, my social media itch is being scratched by the dreaded Facebook, and I really hate the new Blogger interface.  Really hate-hate-hate.  But that may be pregnancy hormones, who knows.  Ooh.  I've got to go and feed some hungry children.  Bye.


Caitlin said...

Those questions are very familiar! However, since I didn't know your answers, I'm so glad you answered them! All the best in the next 6-9 weeks. Enjoy the lead up and cherish the outrageous blessing. Will look forward to seeing ???? (Bo-Peep/Mr. Potato Head)2012 picture.

Mamma has spoken said...

So happy to read that this pregnancy has been stress free (comparatively to your last one of course because no pregnancy is really stress free is it?)and things are going well. As for the do you because of having four ?'s I heard a lot of them too and still do. I tell those people how it was great that we didn't have to resort to selling any of them. Takes care of those pesky questions every time.

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh I love you guys! You always make me chuckle! I've fallen into thinking that just because I don't read my stuff on Killing A Fly, that nobody else does. It gives me quite a surprise to see you do! I also get a shock to see my page hits when I haven't posted for weeks. What on earth do people come here for, I wonder? (Weird Google searches, mostly.)

Heather said...

FACEBOOK!!! Why aren't we friends on Facebook?!?!?!?!

:-( I feel so uncool now.

Glad all is going well. If you have the same vehicles available there that we do here, I highly recommend the Toyota Sienna (it's the minivan). We've fit 4 children and three adults (including one who is 6 foot 6) into it at once, also 3 children and 4 adults, so four children and two adults would be easy peasy (plus the dog? plus an extra kid tagging along?)...

Also? I haven't blogged since the day before my birthday, which was back in December. So, I'm way lamer than you. I have no "multiple children in the house with another presently being created in my midsection" excuse, either.


Hippomanic Jen said...

Love the FAQs. Love the pics. All the best for the final weeks of gestating.

gartcott said...
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gartcott said...

Was missing your blog - now I know why. Hope the last few weeks go really well and you manage to rest sufficiently [I hear manic laughter in the background!] for the even busier time ahead. As a fairly new reader, I have been catching up on old posts and now find I'm completely obsessed with double dactyls - wretched woman - now I have to inflict my first effort on you....
I am Penelope,
Leaving Australia
A tempor'ry plan...
Fifty years later
living in Scotland
married my man!

Givinya De Elba said...

Nice work, gartcott! An autobiographical double dactyl! Whenever I read back through my old stuff, I think it's quite dreadful. Enter with care.

And Heather, we probably weren't FB friends because I am new to FB and am quite an incompetant noob at the whole thing. Thanks for remedying the friendship thing. The noob thing isn't likely to change anytime soon.

And Jen, always love hearing from you. Hope to catch up soon.

Catherine said...

Excellent post! I'm looking forward to meeting your number 4 too, albeit in a cyber kind of way.

And 4 is a magic number. Except when there is gastro.

Hope the birth goes really well. I was going to say uneventfully but that would take away just about everything there is to say about a birth. And don't feel you can't go for the drugs. I tried to with my fourth. I was in fact loudly crying "I have nothing to prove! I don't want to go through this again" but I'd banged on for so long about birth pools and such that they didn't believe me and I never got my way.

Enough about me. What do you think about me?

Tracy P. said...

I'm so excited for you! What a blessing to welcome another little life. I have several friends with four, and while I admit that I'm in awe and can't imagine, I also know that all of those little personalities and relationships add a richness that couldn't be enjoyed any other way. I can't wait to meet Four!

Crazy Sister said...

LOL about the egos!

I'm excited. I tell people about you all the time, and when they blurt out "FOUR!" I say firmly, "She always wanted four," and they get over the brief shock and say how nice it is and they start to genuinely feel very happy for you.

You just have to forgive people their moment of shock while their minds have to expand a little.

Looking forward to the baby's blog name! What to choose? :)

Givinya De Elba said...

No WAY will I forgive people for thinking four is about the same as fourteen. Honestly. I never show shock when people say they stop at two - in fact, I think we should all embrace the different decisions we make and support us each to parent at our optimum - four for me, two for some, eight for some ... So I thank you for firmly putting them in their places!

Swift Jan said...

I love this post :)

And I love that you are on Facebook!


Sue Ellen said...

Is four really considered a lot? I have four siblings (ie, I'm one of five) and all my cousins came in sets of four or five, so that seems normal to me. :)

I agree with embracing different decisions, but can we please call the Duggars the exception? Because... hooley dooley.

Givinya De Elba said...

Sadly, some people do consider 4 an absurdly large number. But in my experience, they either view children as a burden or are insecure in their own parenting skills. But everyone I have spoken to has been really positive and encouraging. This includes people with many more than 4 kids down to those with two, one or zero ... I do have some wonderful people around me who embrace our decision even if they've chosen a different path themselves. You're right though, 19-child families are tremendously rare, and I think it's a path only chosen by few! Good on them, but I'm glad we have the freedom to politely decline to follow a similar path!

Andi said...

Congratulations on baby number four! And just know that perhaps those people with all of those questions may be secretly jealous that they don't have the courage or the CALLING BY GOD to have four little lives to be in charge of!