20 April 2012

I try blogging, for a change.

I wrote the drivel below yesterday, as a poor attempt at blogging.  It's already out of date.
- - - - - - - -

What I achieved today: Heaps, for once! Of my 15 holiday jobs, none of which I completed on the holidays, I've done four and a half this week. This makes me feel good.

What I wish I achieved today: Well the place looks like a dump, so a small amount of cleaning-up would have been good. But given what I did do, I'm not too sad I didn't get that done too.

Baby: 27 weeks, busy, and hiccupping whenever I have a drink. I am not sure why.

Me: Energetic and refusing to care about ghastly pregnancy symptoms that occur fourth time around when your body decides it's going to give up.  If it's not life-threatening, I choose not to care about it!

Buzz, Jessie and Woody: play like little sweethearts, then fight like wildcats. Then back to play, often without intervention. Cool.

Mr de Elba: busy with multiple complex issues at work. He's trying to create down-time each day to help him stay sane, and this means he's going on bike rides with Buzz and coming home early to chat about his day and spend time with the kids. It's great to spend deliberate time together like that!

Bullseye: we survived taking her for "Entertainment Time" (the year 2 equivalent of "Show & Tell." but she continues to kill and leave bandicoots all around the yard, and so I still don't like her.

Things bothering me right now: my list of things to do continues to be long, and frightening deadlines loom menacingly.

Things I am looking forward to: Monday, strangely!  This weekend will be a busy one, and I can't wait until schoolweek routine is back so I can recommence that scary list of things to do.

- - - - - - - -

Next up: should I blog about my poor daughter's bruised and swollen nose, the problem of Bullseye and the Bandicoots, the distressing truth about Parasite Pals and the de Elbas, drivel similar to this post, or should I just go back into hibernation because it's all too boring?  Opinions please.


Givinya De Elba said...

Yes, I agree with all of you, that was immensely boring. I have now scheduled a post about something real - when you read it you will see the sort of self-humiliation involved in writing a mildly-interesting post that has kept me away from blogging in the recent past.

My stories are either really quite boring, or so humiliating that it's really quite unwise to put them on the Internet, I find.

flask said...

'scuse me, but i think last time i had to answer this question i said not boring; charming.

am i going to have to keep repeating myself?

Tracy P. said...

Self-humiliation. Now we are getting somewhere. Somewhere called Normal, I think. ;-) I have been too lazy to google bandicoots yet, so I think you should blog about that.

Tracy P. said...

And Mondays are something I look forward to every. week.

Jen said...

I completely missed the fact that you are having another baby... Congratulations!!!

The Accidental Housewife said...

I'm with flask - I reckon it's charming too! I love hearing about what you're all up to.

Hippomanic Jen said...

I'll take whatever you're prepared to dish out. I need the study breaks!

Anonymous said...

It's agreed, you're charming. I say write what you want to write when you want to write it. It'll find it's own value. Also, how many bandicoots can there possibly be? Where is she finding them all?